Why Indian Brands have failed to make a Global impact

Has anyone given a serious thought as to why our Indian fashion retail brands have been just that – Indian? Why have they failed to make any sort of global impact? Consider the international brands which have made a poignant impression on the minds (and shopping habits) of Indians, youth in particular – Zara, H&M, Mango, Guess, GAP etc. These brands are being sought after because of their perceived good quality, fit and style.
It’s not as if the domestic brands have not being doing well in the country, but we can’t really foresee them becoming mainstream in day-to-day fashion wear on the global canvas like in New York, Paris and Milan.

I feel it won’t be wise for Indian brands to be content with the seemingly huge domestic market opportunities, especially as more and more international fashion apparel brands are likely to make inroads into the country during the next few years. The domestic players are bound to take a beating by foreign brands considering the huge success of the few international brands outlined above, with sales figures dipping in the next few years.
What is required is a massive infusion of capital funds, widespread international promotion and in-roads into the main fashion capitals of the world – for our domestic fashion labels to achieve global foothold.
With the rise in disposable incomes and Indian youth equating branded fashion wear with their level of lifestyle, what we need are domestic versions of, and even exceeding those of the Zaras, GAPs, H&Ms to take the competition head-on with these players!


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