Building India’s LARGEST RETAIL BUSINESS With No Money | V-MART Story | Lalit Agarwal| Josh Talks

Starting a business with a meager capital is never easy. Many people get great ideas but when it comes to actuating those, few get off the pad!

In this post / video, I would like to share my own entrepreneurial journey. It would be tremendously fulfilling for me if my learning and growth story could help and inspire anyone to implement his / her business ideas into a successful venture.

Hailing from a joint family of 20, and growing up seeing my elders toil at the retail showroom my father ran in Kolkata back in the 70s, didn’t deter my spirits in envisioning big right from my teen years.

If I can do it, so can you!

In this Josh Talk video, I unfold my entrepreneurial journey – from humble beginnings in a small town to pioneering and building India’s biggest organized value-fashion retailing store chain – V-Mart.

For all those who aspire to launch their own business, have great ideas but limited capital – this is a must watch to get business tips to float a successful business.

Sharing my struggle-to-success entrepreneurial journey, I unravel inspirational tips on how you too could be a successful businessman despite heavy odds.

So, what steps are you thinking of to take for your entrepreneurial ambition after watching this video? Let me know!

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