Consumer Transformation to Digital….are we approaching the right way?

As we all are scampering to pamper consumers with ‘digital’ sales, be it for fashion apparels or non-apparels, let us pause for a moment to introspect.

The change from traditional to digital has to be imbibed within a retailer’s workforce rather than be thrust upon them. This would involve not just an upgrade / addition to existing software(s) but relevant upgrades in the psychology of employees involved in almost all functions – be it procurement / production / marketing / sales / logistics & warehousing etc.

The capabilities which are needed to be built in the human infrastructure at various levels might see a change in corporate structures, consumer engagement, SCM etc.

This necessitates training at both front and back-end operations at all locations to gear the company to fully comprehend and appreciate the benefits to transform to digital – not just from the consumer’s perspective but from the employees’ career perspective as well.

On the other hand, there is no one way to build in and develop these capabilities as consumer behavior varies widely in a versatile market like India. So, tailor-made approaches might be necessary to assess and evolve consumer transformation to digital in different regions.

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