Coronavirus downtime: Exploring a New You

With almost all Coronavirus affected countries under total or partial lockdown, the time is ripe for people from all walks of life to engage in activities geared towards self-improvement.

Yes, people! Instead of consistent bemoaning the lockdown and business / professional losses, appreciate this ‘me-my family’ time in a quality manner. Utilize this period to develop good habits, gainful hobbies, professional and business related strategizing while staying safe at home with your families.

In my case, I’m happy to share that I have upped my yoga exercises, caught up on my reading and spending quality time with my family (something which was tough to manage pre-Covid-19).

At the same time, I am keeping in regular touch with my ‘V-Mart family’ – all our employees at head office as well as our stores’ teams – via video / telephonic conferencing. We are using this time to explore possible strategic makeovers going forward as well as engaging in new learning initiatives, both at professional and personal levels.

I’d also like to encourage you to do some introspection at a personal level and become a bit spiritual. Deep breathing exercises and meditation are good ways to stay relaxed and healthy. Besides, for those who probably never paid attention to their diet and unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking etc., perhaps this is the best time to take control.

Wishing you all safety and good health!

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