CSR springs from Heart

I have always believed that there could be no true meaning or worth of social responsibility unless it springs from the bottom of one’s heart. This is more so when we speak of Corporate Social responsibility. Many view it as a mere business promotion activity or attach political benefits to it. Still many others believe that CSR can be the prerogative of only a hugely successful business.

None is true.

I feel unless one doesn’t actually feels the natural urge to be benevolent from the very depths of his soul no CSR agenda could last long enough to make any worthwhile impact on society. Personally, long before V-Mart was born, it was this urge in me to do something great one day to make the common and the less privileged Indian feel truly special in whatever way I can – that led to what V-Mart has become today. That was a desire to make assessable world-class fashion apparel to the Indians at extremely affordable prices.

Springing from this and as we forged ahead, we have developed several more fruitful initiatives that make me feel extremely happy as a human being. Besides what one may feel are common drives such as donating clothes, medical help, assisting NGOs in their education schemes for the less privileged children, the one which is really close to my heart is enabling the less-physically able young men and women of our society get respectable jobs at our various stores. What’s more touching is the supreme efforts by these folks which has made them amongst the most trustable & efficient of our V-Mart family. All this encourages me to keep evolving myself to higher spiritual platforms whereby I could give back more and more to the society and country at large.


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