Leveraging Mobile-Tech Internal Communications for a better Engaged Workforce

The manner in which we give or receive information has undergone a vast change over the past fifteen years or so. Office correspondence isn’t an exception.

However, notwithstanding the rapid strides made in mobile technology and the penetration of mobile internet even across the vast rural hinterland of India, many companies are still unable to create a culture of effective communication across varying domains such as their physical outlets, headquarters and warehouses.

In this post I’d discuss few ways in which you can make your workplace(s) communication effective and geared towards higher output on the back of a better engaged and motivated workforce.

Sharing Company Facts & Updates

Every employee likes to be kept informed of the latest happenings in the company. However, with blue-collar and clerical staff who do not have a workstation and mostly are on their feet, this becomes a challenge.

Another factor which hinders communication with such type of staff is the high turnover rate, especially in the retail industry.

Whatever be the reasons, all this boils down to is a ‘disengaged’ workforce. This is so because such employees feel out of place and not really a part of your brand.

So, it becomes essential to devise ways to ‘rope-in’ such staff to avoid potential bottlenecks as far as smooth business flow is concerned.

Consider scenarios such as: a new item launch; an upcoming seasonal promotion drive; a change in your HR strategy etc.  You would want to initiate training sessions and plan notifications so that everyone is on the same page to avoid confusion on the shop floor.

At the same time, you must maintain a balance as too much information might not be absorbed well and is likely to create confusion. So, keep such information outflows practical. However, what you should do is try and make such communication compelling, thought-provoking and mobile-friendly. So, sync in artwork and videos to enhance effectiveness.


To further embellish your communication, make it motivational for employees. Impressive quotes and encouraging words with a personal touch would make your employees check out their formal WhatsApp / email groups more frequently on their mobile phones, and stay tuned-in.

Furthermore, include a few fun contests onto your mobile and print communication platforms. These could be something as simple as ‘best salesperson’ / ‘best team’ / ‘innovative idea’ / ‘best floor decoration’ etc. Add meaning by giving small rewards to winners, such as free movie tickets / food vouchers etc.

For even more creativity as far as motivating employees is concerned, develop a mobile app platform which syncs in employees’ performance on a day-to-day basis, wherein they can see how they are competing with others and areas where they could bring up their performances.

For true transparency, engage employees in meaningful polls as well. Create a platform where they can share their views about your company and customers, besides other relevant matters. This would make them feel valued.

Applaud Achievements

Truly effective people management involves bestowing lavish praises on employee / team success, and outstanding achievements. Devise and drive celebration messages attuned to these via WhatsApp and other formal mobile apps.

You can also encompass new business milestones / business praise in media / employee promotions / festival & birthday wishes / remarkable employee tenures with your company onto your celebration platforms to keep employees motivated and make them feel part of your ‘brand family’.

Summing Up

If you always follow the adage of ‘customer first’, then it is time to re-align your management thought and start considering your employees at par with customers. An engaged workforce is a productive workforce.

Inculcate the above mentioned strategies and you are bound to see considerable improvement in your employees’ morale, loyalty and performance.

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