Look forward to a robust Health Infra

Following its historical electoral win, it is heartening to see the government focusing on social development, particularly health. What’s better is that it’s doing so with a long-term perspective rather than as a short-term initiative post winning the elections.
Besides being comprehensive in terms of cost, access and quality, the proposed health policy would address the crucial issue of how private sector could be leveraged to fulfill the shortfalls of the government sector in developing a viable framework for health and finance.
It would be good if the proposed model would aim for being cost-effective by focusing on performance-based fees rather than purely service-based payments, a tested concept in few other countries.
To cap it, I foresee a healthy usage of digital-based platforms to ensure the realization of ‘Aarogya Bharat’ postulated by the government. Towards this, the National eHealth Authority would need to play a pivotal part.

Source : Mint E-paper, polities section dt 25th March


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