Replacing the concept of Gender ‘Diversity’ with Gender ‘Equality’

As an entrepreneur, I have well seen and felt the impact of ‘diversity’ at workplace. However, this is a vast sphere, encompassing elements comprising gender, race, ethnicity, religions, political mindsets, socioeconomic & educational backgrounds, cultures, and even sexual preferences and disabilities.

Realize the Worth of the Corporate Women

It is so ironic that when people talk of gender diversity at the workplace, they inadvertently imply it from the perspective of women.

Diversity in this context actually means inclusion of the minorities. This could be inclusion of LGBT, senior citizens and even differently-abled. Why include women in this concept when they make up half of all ‘people’?

Do you know that studies conducted have revealed that companies who employ a greater number of women at the top management level are more profitable compared to the number of men at such positions?

What’s more, it has also been shown by a survey that women are generally better than men in negotiations, mentoring, and fairness towards employees as well as ethics.

Despite this, it is still common to see the reluctance of companies to hire more women at whatever levels; and further to see the numbers slither off sharply when it comes to women occupying C-level positions.

So, if you must talk of diversity from a ‘gender’ perspective, think in terms of ‘equality’ as far as women are concerned. A sharp change in the traditional corporate mindset is required herein. Organizations would need to formulate detailed strategies for this equality, boiling down right to its work culture and flexibility.

Lastly, if you feel I’m diving off the deep end in favor of women merely from some ‘moral’ perspective – remember – it is also a wise business strategy (as research has proved; outlined above). You are more likely to have innovative teams, fully engaged workforce, and a high level of employee satisfaction index.

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