In-store inventiveness Key to achieve True Omni-channel Potential

The traditional brick-and-mortar stores are re-emerging in significance – as the retail industry ploughs ahead to tackle the omni-channel business model and associated consumer expectations in an optimal manner. More and more retailers are now utilizing their physical stores as distribution hubs to meet online demand. But this requires improvising stock astuteness to enable allocation optimally.

As online sales continue rising, the approach of a store manager should be more on ‘engaging’ the consumer rather than solely driving at-store sales. This would entail a re-study of the shop-floor area and being creative and entertaining as far as the at-store consumer experience is concerned. Availing video and other interactive display content could be one such step, which not only promotes the brand but gives the consumer alternatives to shop in different ways. The whole idea is to encourage your consumer to stay connected with your brand even after stepping out of the store. Moreover, if you are pressed for space, you no longer need to keep a full range of assortment at store – leveraging interactive video technology to give the consumers an in-depth view of all the merchandise, which they could then order online. This would also avoid the ‘cluttered’ store experience for the consumers, which might confuse them and not leave a positive shopping experience.

Retailers who appreciate and upgrade themselves to leverage the latest technology to build-upon and innovate as far as consumers’ shopping ease & experience are concerned are now poised to reap the windfall of true omni-channel platform.



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