The Indian Dream by Varin Agarwal

It is not often that I’m impressed…and so it came as a complete surprise when my son, Varin who is just seventeen years old presented me with a book titled, ‘The Indian Dream’ one fine morning. For a few moments I couldn’t surmise that the book was actually written by him! But what completely bowled me over was his choice of the subject and the efforts he must have gone to, to personally meet and interview few of the most impressive personalities from various walks of life. What makes this book stand apart from the usual books on leadership is that it covers that transformative and fragile phase of a person’s life so succinctly – the teenage years and the ideologies / experiences learned therefrom – A must-read for those who want to uncover the true meaning of success, and to pursue it passionately in life! Varin Agarwal
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