The Way I Present Fashion to Indian Youth

The Indian adolescents/youth have an ever increasing penchant to emulate their fashion icons and their peers. They tend to subconsciously relate fashion dressing to their social confidence. I am talking of the huge chunk of Indian population in the age range of 15 – 25 years. Out of this, the vast majority are faced with the challenge of shallow pockets, which simply cannot afford the Louis Vuitton’s or the H&Ms or the Zara’s of the formidable fashion world.  

By the time they might save enough to dare splurge on that cherished pair of denims or that slit-skirt the particular ‘fashion’ already becomes passé with more expensive merchandise lined up on store shelves. When big brands started popping up all over the country a decade ago, not enough attention was paid to this vast potential section from lower-middle class, especially so in the smaller cities and townships.

Such youth feel out of place both economically as well as socially in the huge, lush-plush malls flaunting both national and international fashion brands. It’s not as if they don’t want the comfort of air conditioning or the public convenience, but the over-rich ambience of such pricey brands in malls or big markets doesn’t exactly bolster their confidence.

They need a slightly humble pitch to shop on – and that’s where I stepped in with launching V-Mart. Coming from a humble background myself, I could easily gel with the mindset of the common Indian youth, and so I took it upon myself to offer them ‘price-less fashion’.

The way V-Mart presents fashion to youth is radically different not just in terms of its pricing & affordability, but from other aspects too, such as a faster ‘mind to market’, which essentially means bringing on the desired fashion merchandise to our store shelves quicker, undertaking a complete demographic study before launching and setting up stores at very convenient locations, with all comforts such as air conditioning and proper lighting and other conveniences, right down to the traditional way our store representatives dress and greet customers and assist them with their purchases and after-sales services. The end-result is that our customers walk out happier than they walked-in, with the majority of them becoming repeat customers.

At V-Mart, presenting fashion to the common people is an art, which would continue to evolve as we set up more stores across the country and bring happiness to many thousands households in times to come.


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