Hail Women Power!

Recently I was interviewed by one of the leading Hindi magazines, Sarita. Besides re-tracing my entrepreneurial journey as I was asked to do, I also got talking about the tremendous career opportunities women have in India today.

Despite many women taking emboldening steps and taking up careers, even entrepreneurial ventures, we, as a nation, are still to go a long way when it comes to complete women liberation in terms of what they wish to pursue.

The opportunities are there. And yet, scores of women, more so in tier 2/3/4 cities and townships, have to almost always seek approval from their families before they can take up a job / launch a business of their choice.

Women need to realize that several govt. backed schemes and policies exist which support the employment and up-liftment of women in India. However, the real issues often lie within their households – the shackles of conventional male-dominated norms – which they need to break free from.

This is something which I have always strongly supported as an entrepreneur all these years. I’m proud to say that V-Mart employs thousands of young, determined ladies in its 250 stores across India. In fact, a couple of stores in Delhi/NCR, UP, Bihar have an all-women staff and women store manager!

The idea behind supporting women in their desire to step out of the house and take up some sort of career is my firm belief that women are in no way inferior to men when it comes to managing a job or even running a business.

Ladies: It is time to break free of such outdated societal norms, and start taking your own, sound and well-planned decisions! Education without a vocation is like a ship without a rudder. So, follow your heart; be strong – and above all – be ready to take dynamic, bold steps if you are to truly realize your dreams.