Will Modi’s call for a prescient outlook on H1B & L1 visas mollify the Trump govt?

Recently, PM Modi has called for “reflective, balanced and farsighted perspective on movement of skilled professionals” while addressing a 26-member US bipartisan delegation in New Delhi. The statement comes at a crucial time with the Trump government gunning for laws which could severely affect the Indian IT professionals currently working in or aspiring to work in the States on H1B and L1 visas.

In a government issued statement, Modi also said that the links between the two nations have contributed to mutual prosperity, reflecting India’s insistence that outsourcing IT jobs has positively affected US businesses competition-wise, with Indian IT firms creating more jobs in the US.

It’s notable that India’s IT exports are pegged at $108 billion globally, of which the US accounts for 60%.

The US House of Representatives has seen draft laws introduced, which propound for increasing the minimum pay of H1B visa holders to $130,000 – more than double the current minimum pay.

With a bilateral meeting of PM Modi and US president Donald Trump likely to be in pipeline in May or June this year, it would be interesting to see if something concrete emerges as far as the future of the hugely talented Indian IT fraternity is concerned from the perspective of H1B and L1 visas.




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