My Journey

I have always believed that to succeed in life one must never shy away from the prospects of failure: Unless you fail you can never relish the true value…and happiness of success.

I had an entrepreneurial ship spirit right from when I graduated. After setting up few varying business ventures initially what really started the exploration rolling was when I got the idea to set up the country’s first organized affordable value retail store in year 2000, which led me to set up what would be the first wave of several retail outlets across different cities in India as well as an apparel manufacturing unit.

Year 2002 was crucial for me shifting base to New Delhi for further business expansion. The brand ‘V-Mart’ officially came into existence the next year in Ahmedabad with the launch of retail stores in the city.

Being from a humble background what always drove me in my business ventures was the passion to provide affordable fashion apparel to the common people, especially those in tier 2 & 3 cities & townships. And after all these years and success of V-Mart what still keeps me motivated each day is the thought of ‘making people happy’ by quality fashion apparel at the lowest prices possible.

My business philosophy can be summed up in 4 mantras of creativity – Do More with Less; Think & Act Flexibly; Keep it Simple; and – Always follow Your Heart!


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