My Feelings on Writing Blogs

If someone had suggested to me a few years ago that I could do worse than take up blog-writing in my painfully less spare time I would have laughed at him.

I am a man who lives by routine, where every minute of each day, including Sundays, is chalked out precisely in my calendar well in advance. As a family man having two teenage sons besides running my retail business I have hardly had the time to indulge in any personal pastimes such as chess or cricket, the two games I really enjoyed in my adolescent age and early 20s.

But I have always had this urge to continue learning and improving, especially as an entrepreneur. So, during the past year I started to manage to take out the time to attend retail industry events and be the guest lecturer in some of the premier management institutes of India. This gave me an opportunity to not only share my views and knowledge but also to know the views and outlook of several prominent people. I actually started to look out for a medium which I could sustain on a more regular basis to indulge in industry discussions and forums – and thus the idea to start writing my own blogs came to me.

I am a person who keeps an open viewpoint, whereby anyone is welcome to reply/post comments to my blogs. I have experienced that writing and sharing views over this platform actually has a liberating effect on several dormant ideas deep within, which would only help my quest for getting better and better with time.

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