V-Mart Skills Academy: Giving Back to the Society

V-Mart Skills Academy: Giving Back to the Society

As an entrepreneur, I have always believed in ‘giving back’ to the society. And as V-Mart continues to grow and expand, what better way than to be of assistance to the government’s new thrust on Skill Development especially of the rural youth of our country?

This led us to form a movement called ‘V-Mart Skills Academy’ over a year ago.

Purpose of V-Mart Skills Academy

V-Mart Skill Development Academy has been envisioned with a focus on
contributing to nation building and same time meeting up our organizational challenges as well by providing Training/Skilling and Employment opportunities to the rural Youth of our country.

Scope of Operations

Since its inception this academy has grown into UP /Rajasthan / Odisha / Bihar and has opened 6 Skill Development academies with training & residential capacity of around 120 to 180 students each.

 Every yearwe would have almost 250 to 400 students passing out from each of these academies (almost 1000 to 3000 trained candidates) ready to join V-Mart. 

V-Mart Skill Development Academy is building its base across geographies in India in a phased manner to bring the best possible Training and Skilling options along with job opportunities for rural youth looking for a brighter future.

Course Design and Placements

The courses are aligned with the sector skills council. The examination are based on work assessment of the candidates.

Setting up Skill development training centers across states under which we provide training and the welfare facilities along with training including hostel facilities, boarding &lodging services, food, uniforms & books etc.

The candidates go through 6-7 months training including On the Job Training in which a candidate does its OJT at different V-Mart Stores for 2 months.

The placements of the candidates after the program is done by dedicated placement cell of the academy that supports these candidates for the next 3 months and then further supports them under the program for the next 12 months to see them through into a stable & fruitful Career.

How you can associate with V-Mart Academy

1. Recruit OJT/Temp/Permanent resources from V-Mart Academy.

2. Be part of V-Mart academy through the “Quality Circle” (a unique initiative to link up with V Mart academy & play a role in building the V-Martized employees & help in Nation building).

3. Be part of “V-Mart Academy” when you contribute to the development of this institution by being a “guest faculty” at the academy.

Come…let us join hands in this noble cause!


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