The Significance of Revamping Patna Airport

Of all my frequent flying, be it within or outside India, the mention of Patna deserves special mention.

I love the city, and its heart-warming people and the culture! As one of our key cities in business operations, I have been visiting Patna for several years now.

However, being a main travel destination for many, a major concern is the city’s airport.

Unlike other cities, where the airport is ideally situated on the suburbs, Patna’s Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport happens to be slap-bang in the middle of the city itself. This has resulted in there being a perennial chaos both within and outside the airport perimeters, as well as a very short runway of just a shade over two kilometers!

All this not just simply causes inconvenience to flyers, not to mention frequent flight cancellations irrespective of the weather, but more importantly, make it susceptible to dangers.

I hope the state government would soon implement suitable revamp of this crucial Indian airport so that flying to and from Patna gets truly an enjoyable experience for all.

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