Singapore to Phuket, and back: A Cruise that meant much more than my Silver Anniversary celebration!

I recently completed a journey… of 25 years. Yes, it is a milestone in any person’s life to celebrate his silver marriage anniversary, and what glorious, blessed years they have been for me!

I’ve always been a family man, and during the years since I’ve nurtured and brought up V-Mart Retail I’ve grown to consider our employees as part of my ‘extended family’ – So as to make the occasion truly memorable, my wife and I decided a ship cruise would be the ultimate way to celebrate not just our silver anniversary, but also to express our deep gratitude to the company’s  management by inviting them and their families to join us on the three-day cruise from Singapore to Phuket, and back!

Aboard the Genting Dream ship there was never a dull moment for anyone, thanks to our event organizer and host, Roops and his team, who organized a series of dance and fun activities. It was heart-warming to see the genuine love and respect showered on us by the company senior leadership team, who presented a song & dance sequence at the cocktail party. The Christian-style ‘re-wedding’ we had planned was something which would be really something very special and to be cherished forever, with special thanks to our family friend.

Above everything else, the kind of people bonding the cruise brought about was truly commendable: Everyone was equal and comfortable with others, be it on the decks where the dance events were organized or in the restaurants and bars / swimming pool / sports courts.

This brings me to the ever-crucial aspect of employee relations: Be it any company / any industry, or any level of employees, the management must endeavor to imbibe into the company calendar such events from time to time for they not only help in breaking the proverbial ice, but provide the much-needed break and fun times from the chores of all ours year-round professional commitments.

Another great way to promote people bonding and teamwork, which I’ve been thinking for a while, is going on a trekking trip along with your employees. Who knows, maybe next time I would give it a try!


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