There is a Hero in each one of us

The brief few minutes I interacted with Bada Business’s Dr. Vivek Bindra, and Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi, over their Covid-19 related inspirational virtual event felt so rejuvenating!

Indeed, apart from helping out our community with any kind of support during these hard times, even a brief telephone call enquiring about someone’s health can act as a big boost to them when it is easy to feel as if doomsday is near.

I feel a great sense of emotional satisfaction that V-Mart today extended its joint Covid-19 bed facility along with M3M and the IAF from 150 to 400 beds in just a week from commencement in Gurgaon sector 67.

Further, we are looking to launch similar in other cities as well.

My dear fellow Indians, it is my humble appeal to each and every one of you, and all corporates, to help in whatever ways you can – your neighbours, employees, their familes…the community at large — For in these highly unusual times, the entire nation must band together against the pandemic, and let go of any differences.

For businesses, I suggest letting go of status quo, and the leadership making personal interaction with all those employees, including their family members suffering from Covid-19. Try not taking harsh decisions, for your employees need you most at this time.

As I said, motivate people around you; infuse positivity and cheer them up — it would go a long way in making them beat Covid-19!

Stay Strong!

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